The Results are IN!

We had our own little election recently for the following proposition...

Proposition 69

Be so advised that one person by name of Madison Madness will under go a photo shoot by such persons that wish to vote that she be a subject of a such a theme as the electors decide by cast of ballot for the following activities:

  1. "Peg" someone with a strap-on,
  2. Receive a huge facial,
  3. Squeeze out a nice cream-pie,
  4. Take it in the ass,
  5. Tittie-fuck,
  6. Masturebate in a close-up,
  7. Fuck in a car.
Such manner of activity will decided by a "first-past-the-post" method.

As the Electoral Returning Officer I am pleased to report that Madison will be taking it in the ass with a plurality of 30.4%! A close second choice was the Peg Party with 26.1% of the vote followed by the Pie Party with 13%.

In an interview with Madison she was heard to say: "I will gladly go backdoor for the viewers of "Nylon Dreams" because they are a discriminating audience that knows what they like and what I like too." she then excused herself to get lube exclaiming as she left, "Somewhere out there, there is a cock that needs relief...and I intend to make sure to set his sperm free."

The "Car Party" demanded a recount but since the Keystone Pipeline Extension is on hold (for the moment) they were not able to submit their recount submission in time due to lack of gas.

When asked when Madison would take the office of ass slut she sighed visibly and stated she wished it could be sooner than later and that her constituents should wait for an update on her position as soon as her busy schedule would allow.


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