Hung Legend

Julian has done a lot of porn, but 99.9 percent of it is straight stuff. He's done a few solo stroke videos as "Jordan" and two bi videos where he was sucked by a guy. I read someplace recently that he retired from porn last year but don't know how accurate that is.

One of my favorite Julian videos is a straight film I won't feature here. He's riding around in the back of a car whilst two girls he picked up at the beach suck his rigid cock. He has a sweet arrogance in the flick that I find so endearing.

The copyright holder apparently posted this flick on the Xvideos site by mistake. You'll see in the little promo bar about how you can go to their webpage to see the whole video, but the whole video is actually posted on Xvideos, too, for free, and that's what I've linked here.


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